Our National Board of Advisors


One of the great values of being part of an organization that brings Christian legislators together is the power of the fellowship and relationships formed across the nation to serve not just as an intellectual resource, but a spiritual encouragement in knowing,

- Governor Mike Huckabee


I know what it is to fight for what is right and I want to ensure that other conservative Christian leaders are properly equipped to withstand the extreme Left’s harassment tactics designed to wear Christian leaders down in the public arena. The time is now to take a stand before our Judeo-Christian foundation is forever lost in the nation.

- Senator Jason Rapert


Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people, leaders such as fear God, lovers of truth, hating covetousness (socialism). NACL is a gathering of Exodus 18:21 leaders.

- Former Congressman Bob McEwen


This is an organization whose time has absolutely come. We need an unwavering entity in the political arena where lawmakers encourage one another as they are guided by their biblically centered faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible was key in the successful founding of our Republic, and it remains key to successfully maintaining it today. The National Association of Christian Lawmakers is a tremendous initiative, and as a former elected official, I am honored to be a part of it.

- Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council


The values of Christian civilization are not just being lost: they’re being demonized and replaced. Anti-Christian opponents are well organized. It is long past time Christians were too. I believe NACL is vital to the survival and advancement of Christendom and our American ideals. I am extremely grateful for its timely work and happy to be a part of the organization.

- Rod D. Martin, CEO of The Martin Organization, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee member, Former Senior Advisor to PayPal Founder Peter Thiel, Former President, National Federation of Republican Assemblies


I believe our nation is at a critical crossroads. As we decide whether we will honor our traditional American heritage as a nation, the formation of NACL represents one of the most significant opportunities for the preservation and restoration of our Judeo-Christian values. It is with this important mission in mind that I accept the call to serve as State Chairman for South Carolina.

- Rep. John McCravy – South Carolina House of Representatives


America was built on the foundation of Biblical principles. Throughout our rich history we have wavered and missed the mark on many occasions but, by God's grace, there were always principled leaders who fought to correct the mistakes and promote Godliness. Our nation needs, now more than ever, people of principle who will stand up for Biblical truth and righteousness.

- Timothy Barton, Texas President of Wallbuilders & Christian speaker.


I am so thankful for The National Association of Christian Lawmakers. Increasingly, Christians who take a stand for righteousness in public life are harassed and scorned. We need to unite and support our fellow believers who are fighting for Truth in the public square, and I believe NACL will help us do that. Through NACL, Christian lawmakers will have a resource where they can find support and the tools they need to be more effective in the fight to restore America’s godly foundation.

– Andrew Wommack, Colorado President and Founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries & Charis Bible College.


When I was first made aware of the work and purpose of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers I rejoiced that God had placed upon the hearts of such dynamic and influential Christian leaders the means and opportunity to impact America for the good. I am grateful to have been invited to be a part of this strategic organization.

– Dr. Richard Lee, Georgia President & Founder of There Is Hope America, Pastor, Author, Speaker & Publisher of the American Patriot’s Bible.


- Mat Staver, Founder & President of Liberty Counsel


- Rep. Tom Oliverson, Texas House of Representatives, Chair of the NACL National Legislative Council


- Hunter Lundy, Louisiana Founding Partner of Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South Law Firm, national Christian advocate, producer of “Standing For Justice”,
*NACL Officer.


- Pastor Happy Caldwell, Arkansas Pastor, Author, Founder & President of Victory Television Network,
*NACL Officer.


- Janet Porter, Ohio President of Faith2Action, author & leading national advocate for pro-life Heartbeat Bill legislation.